Soaplettes founder Mary Chancy was raised in rural Ohio where she learned to make almost everything put on her skin. After college, she visited and eventually moved to Naples Florida, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. While the city was amazing, the weather (hot and humid) did a number on her skin, hair and nails.  Nothing she bought in the stores helped keep her skin soft, hair healthy and nails strong.  She then started on her mission of find a solution.

For Mary, creating soaps and scrubs is an intimate process. Before deciding on oils or butters, she thinks about who is using each product and how it will be used. Once she’s set on a recipe, she treats the raw material as a precious commodity. Completely opposed to an industrial approach, she treats each batch as it will be used in her own home with her own children.


Soap Chic with a Coastal Touch.


After years of practice, Mary has found that gently molding and suggesting shape yields the most luxurious results. Even when she started small, she always matched her meticulousness with curiosity. She has studied various techniques and designs that have helped her cultivate a singular yet international style. Today, she has a few apprentices of her own and spends most of her time crafting with them in her home studio. She still makes time to learn new techniques and exhibits at trade shows all around the world.